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I'm a changeling and my name is Xeirla.

I draw pretty ponies.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy Stamp: Without Internet by Silver-MoonNight Online friends stamp by Suyy Can't sleep... by Darkness-Nightguard Cold Pillow by DesuSigMaker Squeak Stamp by jsotelo Spiral Knights Stamp by Itzagual
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Drawing for Loves by Xeirla

:iconxeirla: :iconflaire-the-alicorn: :iconmerope-the-nymph: :iconmechafone: :iconcptconfusion: :icongreenknight5700: :iconbaryonsweep: :iconcelestiasmileplz: Chibi Forest by Xeirla

Art Trade: Mimic Wings by FuyusFox
Xeirla as a Breezy! Special thanks to :iconfuyusfox: :heart:

Clicky links to other stuff about me:

[Currently not livestreaming until i get a better computer :P]
Livestream :…
Youtube (old archive):…
New Youtube:
Daxxy R63 (FemDaxxy by DaxxyButt    Mocha PK's OC - Request by Xeirla   The End Is Where We Begin by tinity123   octavia Pj by franticlava   Mother's Voice in The Wind by greenknight5700 

The Soul of a CharacterMany fiction writers can attest to the difficulties of creating a good character.  Though the word “good” is hard to truly put into definable terms, writers usually know when one of their characters is or isn’t well thought out.  But just a well thought out character doesn’t make it good.  Plot twists, eccentric notions, engaging personalities, do these things make an individual that readers treasure?  Or is it something else?
The issue is what most writers cannot fully grasp, but more feel in their minds, and even on an emotional level.  A character, be it protagonist or villain, needs to be more than just engaging.  A good character needs to be engrossing.  It needs to have a soul.  It would be strange to impress upon yourself the notion that a created, fictional being that exists only in our imaginations could have such an aspect.  Yet, the more you think about it the more it becomes apparent.  Those books we

PMD: Explorers - Writing App - Team Chrysalis by Kanohi43920

Poem: The Machinations of My Imagination.                Since long since past my imagination has always whispered to me stories of grandeur, endless worlds waiting to be opened up with just a single touch. In the end I stood in front of each door with wonder and amazement pulling me forward into the wonderful places my mind created where I could be safe from the things outside.
                Over the years the vast expanses of wheat and grain shifted and turned into a giant machine, with cogs the size of continents. My place is now at watchtowers jotting notes on the small items and ideas it places into my hands ever so gently. And in turn I bring the ideas to my work place where they are melted down and brought to me in the forms of paints and colors that glint in the sunlight and plead to be used, plead to drawn with.

SCSD The Rewrite - Updated, 'cause I can :3The night was dark and ominous, as was the castle in the dead of night, save for the royal chambers where, for nearly a thousand years, the Princess of the Sun had ruled alone. This room was brightly lit by crackling energies that, if one were outside, gave the impression of a flashy strobe light show. Inside, the room was chaos. Lights swirled everywhere, winds with no source rushed in circles around the room, gale force winds that rattled the age-old windows and threatened to shatter them.
In the center of this maelstrom stood a single pony, yet she was not just a pony. She was the princess of this castle, and of this land of Equestria. Her body shone like the very sun she commanded every day, her mane and tail shining with the very light of the cosmos. Every color imaginable swirled around her horn, her hooves, danced through and caressed her hair.
These energies wound faster and faster around her, the intensity it was creating vibrating the very floor of the room. It was so strong,

Happy 14th Birthday DeviantArt ^-^ :heart:

Lets get straight to the point then in order.

First is a drawing of a friend of mine, Matt. :icondaxxybutt: A long time friend who's silly and awesome x3 Although he's still starting out as an artist, he has a lot of potential ^-^ Through helping him out with drawing and stuff, I've actually learned a lot about myself, and have sorta improved as a teacher to others, I suppose. Other than that, he's really awesome and is really fun to hang out with x3  

The second drawing is a drawing I did a looong time ago for Mocha :iconwolfkingmocha:. I wasn't able to find anything from his gallery unfortunately, but he's been a really good friend of mine since I first joined DeviantArt. Though we dont often talk too much, he's still a really good friend of mine, and has helped me by simply being a good friend! ^-^ He's helped me overcome my depression I had a few years back, and I did my best to help him as well. If you're reading this, I hope you;re doing well, and I'm always here on skype if you want to talk :) Hope you're doing well. :heart: 

Next up: Trin! :icontinity123: A fantastic artist and very happy friend to be around ^-^ She's very nice, and helped me both improve my art and overcome my shyness. Her art is beautiful, and I've used it to improve my own artwork and style. A lot of her style is still pretty visible in my art, though I've molded it now along with other styles to one of my own. I even drew a lot of portraits of ponies when first starting out. It was really when I started "improving overnight", as said by Mechafone x3 She's also offered really good advice with drawing in general!

The next drawing comes from FranticLava's gallery! :iconfranticlava: Even though we're 12 hours apart (ultimate timezoned ><), we still find time to speak with eachother and have a good laugh x3 Another great friend and artist. He's helped me lots in improving my artwork, helping me learn the basics of drawing smooth lines. His drawings of Octavia, while plentiful and awesome x3, aren't the only thing he draws! His drawings of his OC and other ponies are also incredible, and his recent work into backgrounds are awesome. Overall, a great art mentor and friend who's also still learning along with me! ^-^

...How do I put this simply.... 
Lucy... is AMAZING. :icongreenknight5700: A wonderful friend, with wonderful art. I've learned SO much from her, and not just about art. As a friend, she's helped me improve myself as well drastically. Without her, I would not be where I am today. I could go on about all the things shes done for me, but I'd just be repeating myself with a little different story each time. So to keep this short, I'll just leave you with that. She is a very wonderful friend who I treasure dearly. :heart: ^-^

And now, onto the writers x3

First up, Daniel! :iconkanohi43920: A great friend I hang out with a lot irl. H'es been with me a long time and is a really amazing writer! He specializes in Pokemon, but in general is fantastic. He's also been a really good friend! He's really helped me improve as a writer and artist, and we always have a good time together ^-^ What I chose from him is just a snippet of what he's capable of, and it alone is amazing.

Jett! :iconbaryonsweep: Another awesome friend, and when I say awesome I mean AWESOME. Aside from being a really great friend and very skilled. An art critic, fantastic writer, and even what I consider to be a mentor. Seriously, the things he write about is simply magnificent, and he's helped me improve myself in many ways as well, both as a writer, artist, and individual. Although very busy nowadays, he continues to be a good friend and extremely experienced in art and literature. I actually wanted to put his story: The Dangers on the Back of a Macaroni Box on here, but I couldn't find it in his gallery >< So I figured this little post of his will suffice x3 Its still fantastic and written as well as any other of his great works. I can only hope that he continues to write more and more, and can find more time to do so. There's also a very nice story of his he's working on, so keep an eye out for that.

Hello Nick! :iconcptconfusion: Another amazing friend (again x3) who's helped me a lot as well. We've helped eachother numerous times, and strive to improve as both writers and artists together. He's been helping me by actually learning from me! I've been helping him work on small sketches and drawing, and through doing that I've really learned a lot about my own art and such. This poem of his is really well written, and just beautiful. A really great friend that's stuck with me a long time, and is overall a great friend just like the others ^-^ 

And of course, I couldnt forget you... :3 Chris, better known as, Mechafone. :iconmechafone:
My goodness... To talk about him is to retell my entire story of DeviantArt, and I would go as far as to say my life. A wonderful friend just like the others, who's been with me since the beginning. My first watcher, if I recall correctly, and an amazing writer as well. He has helped me improve myself so much, and has always been at my side through absolutely everything. Without him, I would not be where I am now. I would've never met any one of the people above, and I most certainly wouldn't have one of the best friends I could ever ask for. I can safely say that I owe him my life, and I really cannot thank you enough for all you've done for me. Thank you :heart: ^-^

I picked out the begging of his big story involving his character Spark Storm. H'es currently writing and rewriting it as he improves. Though his progress has slowed considerably, there's a whole lot to read, and its well worth it. If you haven't read this story, go do it right now.

And it should go without saying now, but these people are my closest friends, and amazing artists and writers. I shouldn't need to tell you to go and check out their gallery and watch each of them. Seriously, I owe my life to them. Without them, I don't know where I'd be right now, but I know it was lonely, depressing, and wasn't leading towards a good end.  If any of you are reading this (and I'm sure you are)... Thank you :heart: 

Thank you ^-^

And that's basically my DeviantArt Story, in a way. There's obviously much more to say, but I gotta keep it short for a reason x3
Again, thank you, all of my closest and most dearest friends. And a big thank you to all of you! All my watchers mean a lot to me, and without each of you, I really wouldn't be where I am now. I know I'm just being repetitive now, but I really do mean it. Thank you ^-^



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