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I'm a changeling and my name is Xeirla.

I draw pretty ponies.

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Its Valentine's Day, and I feel like sharing my thoughts in a journal given its relates somewhat to the meaning attached to this day, forcefully or otherwise.

I'm not entire sure what I want to say or why I feel as though I should say all of this aside from my personal reasons, but I feel as thought its important.

Years ago, before I joined DeviantArt, I wasn't in a very good situation. In short, I did not feel love. I did not have a family. I did not have many friends. I did not feel as though I could I had a purpose in life. I was alone, but upon joining DA is when I met some very wonderful friends. One of them has stayed with me through thick and thin for quite a few years now, and I've certainly grown a lot from my experiences with them and from the other wonderful friends I was introduced to because of them.

That's really the reason I wanted to make this journal, to let you all know how thankful I am for you. I love everyone who follows me and enjoys viewing my artwork, hearing what I have to say on occasion, play games with me, and maybe even read a story or two of mine from time to time. But most of all I cannot thank those of you enough who have been with me for the more momentous moments of my life. Those of you who have stuck with me no matter what and who have helped me improve myself over time. Those of you who enjoy simply talking with em and playing some games, or watching anime. Those of you who are just there for me; the ones who I know truly do care for and love me. The ones who have made me feel as though I have a family. The friends who are my family.

To those people, I love you. Thank you for absolutely everything you've done for me. Thank you for giving me a reason to live, to exist, to be. Thank you for careing for me and loving me for all this time. I know that the meaning of this day can feel lost to many people, and some disregard it for the most part, myself included, but each day, I always am sure to keep you in my mind and close at heart at all times. Even the ones whom I feel I have weaker ties to nowadays, the ones who I am not even sure if they are reading this now, or ever will, or even remember me. I still love you all, and I still remember you. I wish we would talk again, and I wish so dearly to hear form you again. If you are here, I'm here too, always.

Let that be known to all of you. If you ever need someone to be beside when you're down or struggling with life, consider me a friend you can talk to, because I'll see you as the same.

I know this post has been back and forth and everywhere, but its just my thoughts that I'm having trouble focusing at the moment despite my best efforts.

With that all said, let me remind you to take the time, not just today but everyday to remember and appreciate the ones you love and the ones who love you. Always keep them close at heart.

And to you, the one reading this right now. Listening to my thoughts tossed into writing and onto this page.
I want to speak to you individually, and this is the best way I can.
I want you to know that I love you.
Whomever you are, be you a close friend, or distant watcher whom I barely, if ever speak to, I want you to know that I consider you a friend.
Each and every one of you I hold dear to my heart for many different reasons and in depth of friendship.
But you know who you are to me, and if you don't, then I hope you understand now.
For whatever reason and in whatever way,
you are my friend.
You are my family.
You are my reason for being.

I love you.


Thank you for being the one who always cares for me and loves me. Without you I would not be here nor would I be alive at all. I can't say enough times that I am thankful for you and I love you, and I cannot even begin to truly explain how important and treasured you are in my heart. I know you understand though, but.. I tried rewriting this so many times and I can't even get the right words out. I can't say what I feel, but I have a feeling you already know what I mean. So again, thank you, and I love you.<small wytiwyg="1">

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Happy Birthday! You are an amazing artist and you deserve each and every one of these Birthday messages. I know this past year has been rough, but lets hope this one will be better and happier! Welcome to the next chapter of the book of life. Time to pick up a pencil and fill in the pages with the amazing memories it will bring.

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